Operation: Get Joshua Home!

Raising money to take care of the family in their time of need.

Andrews University Rememberance Service Tonight for Josh 8e/5p

joshua.hodges.magpicAndrews University is to hold a memorial service tonight that can, for all interested, be accessed online for the live services.


Here’s a link if you’re sharing it with someone over the phone and you want to avoid the long URL:





Very nice and God bless, snailed mailed you contribution

  Irene Starks Dickerson wrote @

Marvin, Joy, Joy Jr., Paula, and Jill,

My heart was very heavy when I learned of Joshua’s death. It brought to mind that we were pregnant with Joshua and David around the same time. I remembered how you went to Huntington Hospital when you felt that something might be wrong with the pregnancy and they said they did not hear a heart beat. You, Joy, being the type of person that you are, would not take that as the last word. You went I believe to Glendale Adventist Hospital, while all of us prayed and they heard Joshua’s heart beat.

In this life we may not ever find the answer as to why this has happened. We will however, discover why it happened when we all get to heaven where Joshua’s heart thank God, will beat forever.

My prayers are with all of you.

  MAMA JOSHUA wrote @

HEY GIRL, I am so feeled with JOY that GOD has given MARVIN and I LOVE and a life of 25 yrs with J3. WE give thanks to YOU, O God, we give thanks! For Your wondrous works dec lare that Your name is near Psalm 75:1.Thank -you for those thoughts of forever yesterday”s and we know that GOD”s PROMIES are for each of us today. Marvin & jOY. LOVE, mAMA jOSHUA.

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